The State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is funded by the federal government to provide local assistance and unbiased advice to people on Medicare about their insurance options and benefits.  This includes Medicare plan comparisons, eligibility for Medicare extra help with premiums and co-payments, Medicaid, and information on Medicare prescription drug plans, benefits, billing and claims, fraud, rights and protections.

SHIP counseling services are available by phone or you can make an appointment to talk to a SHIP counselor on staff. Information is also available through


New to Medicare?  Join us for monthly seminars to learn more about your benefits and the cost of coverage under Medicare.  Assistance is available after the workshops on choosing a plan. Dates and locations of seminars can be found here.


Group presentations on a variety of health insurance topics are available through the SHIP program, call us to schedule a presentation for your community.


For more information, or to become a SHIP volunteer, contact us: