Eat right—even when money is tight

Alabama is one of a handful of state’s that recognized it was harder for senior citizens to get the food assistance they needed, and so began the new Alabama Elderly Simplified Application Project (AESAP) to make it easier for older adults to participate.  No office visit is required, the application can be faxed or emailed in, or completed on-line, persons with no earned income (job or business) can self-declare their income, the application is approved for three years with only annual updates, and seniors can submit actual medical expenses to increase their award amount, or select a standard medical deductions.  Benefits are awarded on a debit card mailed to your home, allowing for privacy when shopping at grocery and convenience stores.  And there are no taxes on SNAP purchases. This innovation by Alabama has removed many barriers to participation, such as lengthy office visits, getting social security statements and privacy concerns.

The Area Agency on Aging has partnered with the National Council on Aging to fight Senior Hunger. Our Senior SNAP Enrollment Initiative assists older adults in applying for and enrolling in the  Alabama Simplified Application Project (AESAP).

For details on Senior Hunger:

The Area Agency on Aging provides several resources that help eligible individuals find and apply for benefits that pay for food.